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IFEECT - Prüfstelle für Elektrosmog mit Zertifikaten

International Federation for the Evolution

of the ElectroClean Technology


The IGEF test seal certification process for low-radiation electrical and electronic devices

  • You send us a detailed product description via our  contact form.
  • We furnish you with a quotation for a preliminary assessment.
  • You commission us with assessing whether your product satisfies the preconditions for certification.

  • You send your product to an IFEECT-accredited measuring lab.
    If necessary, we can conduct the requisite investigations on your company premises or at the manufacturer.

  • We assess whether your product fulfils the preconditions for certification and inform you of the results.
  • We furnish you with a quotation for certification.
    The costs of the tests are dependent on the scope of testing required.
  • You commission us with certifying your product.
  • We confirm your order and send you an advance invoice.
  • Following receipt of payment we initiate the certification of your product in the following steps:

  1. Measurement of the electromagnetic radiation emissions generated by the product to be certified. Written documentation of the measurement results in a measurement report.
  2. Evaluation of the electromagnetic overall emissions of the product registered for certification, on the basis of the mean value for the respective product group.
  3. Confirmation that the electromagnetic overall emissions of the product registered for certification, measured in a typical operating situation, lie below the half mean value for the respective product group; on the basis of a graph and a measurement report.
  4. Low-radiation electrical or electronic products are marked with the IGEF test seal, if the electromagnetic overall emissions of the product, measured in a typical operating situation, lie below the half mean value for the respective product group.
  5. If necessary, recommendations are provided for product modifications, which lead in turn to certification.
  6. The results of the tests are documented in a certification report in German. You are awarded a certificate marked with the legally protected IGEF test seal in German and in other languages if required, subject to a translation fee.

Use of the test seal

Commercial use of the IGEF test seal takes place on the basis of a licence agreement with the International Association for Electrosmog-Research IGEF, which sets out the terms of use of the IGEF test seal.

The annual licence fee is € 998,-. This fee includes the annual issuance of the certificate and publication of your product information on the internet at:


Certification remains valid whilst the annual licence agreement remains effective. It is usually possible to perform the necessary tests, generate the report on the investigation results and issue the certificate within 20 working days of receiving the test sample.



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Has electrosmog also become a relevant topic for you?

Due to EU requirements for radiation minimisation with electrical and electronic devices?
Due to critical customer inquiries?
Or problems with your insurance cover?
Has your customer satisfaction declined or is it at risk?
Have new customers become critical when purchasing your products due to the subject of electrosmog?

Prove to your customers that your product generates much less electrosmog than is required according to the limit values set out in the legislation.

Using accredited measuring labs, we can demonstrate for you that your product is outstanding.
With our certificates, you can also prove this to your customers and competitors.

This provides you with the possibility of acquiring new customers and providing existing customers with incentives to buy.

You can apply for the IGEF test seal, established over 25 years ago, as well as ElectroClean certification right now.

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